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What causes allergies in the home?

What causes allergies in the home? two dogs - a light brown with a dark nose and ears, and a German Shepherd puppy allergies in the home

What causes allergies in the home?  There are many different things that contribute to bad indoor air quality, and our modern lifestyle makes it even more difficult to keep our indoor environment  free of allergens.  Homes used to be built with less insulation, and there would be small cracks around doors and windows.  With the […]

Professional Carpeting Cleaners -It’s Time

Professional Carpeting Cleaners -It’s Time red truck with lettering professional carpeting cleaners

Professional carpeting cleaners help maintain the life and beauty of your carpet. It can also improve the indoor air quality, and reduce odors like those from pets or cooking. So when do you know your carpets need professional carpeting cleaners? Here’s a short video that explains some of the ways. 6 ways your carpet is […]

Professional Cleaning 5 Ways It Beats DIY

Professional Cleaning 5 Ways It Beats DIY professional cleaning truck red with lettering

Professional cleaning will always beat DIY (do it yourself).  This is true for just about any service you can think of.  Plumbing, electrical, carpentry.  You just can’t beat having a professional come in to do things for you.  It’s much easier to hire someone who already has the tools, equipment and knowledge rather than trying […]

Should you choose professional carpet cleaner versus DIY

Should you choose professional carpet cleaner versus DIY professional carpet cleaning versus diy

Here’s fun little video discussing professional carpet cleaner versus DIY Professional carpet cleaning or DIY So, which should it be? Professional carpet cleaning versus DIY. And a definition of “professional carpet cleaning” is an IICRC certified technician using CRI Green Label approved chemicals and truck mounted hot water extraction equipment.  Defined by Shaw Floors, the […]

Save cleaning your carpets yourself

Save cleaning your carpets yourself DIY carpet cleaning

Can you save cleaning your carpets yourself? Not really.  Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning can actually cost you LESS if you factor in your TIME! The scenario Let’s take a look at an example: Drive to the store and rent the machine – 30 minutes drive time, 30 minutes deciding which solution you need to […]

Carpets Better For Allergies

Carpets Better For Allergies woman after sneezing due to allergens carpets better for allergies

Carpets better for allergies.  Yes, it’s true.  Carpets get really dirty, and get spots on them, yes.  That’s because they trap and hold the dirt and dust in their fibers.  It’s the dust, and more specifically, the dust mites that are the problem. Dust mites are everywhere, and dust mite allergies are very common.  The […]

Tips on Vacuuming Basics

Tips on Vacuuming Basics vacuuming basics

Vacuuming basics. If you have carpet or rugs, you have a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum is absolutely necessary to keep your valuable carpet and rugs clean of particulate or dry soil. While vacuuming may seem like a basic housekeeping chore and simple to do, the biggest challenge is getting out the vacuum and actually putting […]

The Problem with Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines

The Problem with Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines rug doctor carpet cleaning rental machine

Carpet cleaning rental machines can cause many problems for homeowners who choose to use them.  Over-wetting of the carpets which can lead to really long drying times, and musty odors.  Not mixing the chemicals properly can cause too much soap, which can lead to rapid re-soiling, and the fact that the machines don’t rinse the […]

Organizing and Cleaning the Bathrooms

Organizing and Cleaning the Bathrooms bathrooms

Organizing & Cleaning the Bathrooms  Besides the kitchen, your bathroom is one of the most popular and trafficked rooms in your home. Keeping your bathroom organized, and cleaning the bathrooms, can be a daunting chore. And your work increases tremendously if you have more than one. Many homes have several bathrooms. That’s a lot of […]

The Best Carpet Clean ing in Town

The Best Carpet Clean ing in Town Best Carpet Cleaner Award 2022

We are pleased and excited to announce that Accent American Inc was named the Tampa Bay Times People’s Choice Awards Best of the Best Gold Winner for Best Carpet Clean in 2019, and Silver Winner in 2020, 2021 and 2022 Our owners have always strived to provide exceptional service and professionalism for our nearly 40  […]