Storm Preparation

Preparing for the Storm, Protecting Your Property Storm Preparation – Part 1 When the weather turns bad, it’s time to turn against the weather. Prepping your home for a storm that is either predicted or a storm that can occur at any time is the best defense against wind, water and related storm damages. Without […]

Prepare for Summer flooding

Prepare for Summer Flooding Every summer, we might forget about the previous summer rains and subsequent flooding that might have occurred in the area. But when unrelenting rain starts to fall, one thing you don’t want to experience is regret in not being prepared, whether it is from leaks related to your roofing, windows, or […]

Planning to Sell Your Home? Here’s How to Increase and Protect Home Value on a Budget

Planning to Sell Your Home? Here’s How to Increase and Protect Home Value on a Budget a gloved hand holding a sponge wiping down a surface

Planning to sell your home? If you are planning to sell your home, here are a few things you can do to improve your chances of a great offer. If you’ve been living in your home for a while, chances are a lot of little things go unnoticed. And now that you’re also probably finding […]

When Restoration Insurance Fails Call A Professional Restoration Company

When Restoration Insurance Fails Call A Professional Restoration Company picture of a house being held by a pair of hands weather damage

When Insurance Fails Devastating pipe breaks, failing sump pumps, a smoky kitchen fire, the roof leaking from damage from high winds… no one wants to deal with any of that. But it does happen, and when it does, you probably do what is natural – you pick up the phone and call your insurance company, most […]

Candles are a Fire Hazard

Candles are a Fire Hazard

Deadly Candles Can Be a Fire Hazard Candles might seem quite harmless and innocuous, and we use them all the time for a variety of reasons, but did you know that they can be a big fire hazard problem for most homeowners? Additionally, according to some reports, nearly one billion pounds of wax are used […]

Evidence of Water Damage

Evidence of Water Damage evidence of water damage flood damagein office, standing water on the floor

Evidence of Water Damage When something fails, such as a high-pressure fresh water source to your toilet… or perhaps a leaky drain pipe underneath the kitchen sink… no matter what it may be, you usually know what to do. You know the drill… clean it up, get it dry, and call a professional water damage […]

What causes allergies in the home?

What causes allergies in the home? two dogs - a light brown with a dark nose and ears, and a German Shepherd puppy allergies in the home

What causes allergies in the home?  There are many different things that contribute to bad indoor air quality, and our modern lifestyle makes it even more difficult to keep our indoor environment  free of allergens.  Homes used to be built with less insulation, and there would be small cracks around doors and windows.  With the […]

Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making cartoon suing bleach is a cleaning mistakes you might be making

Here’s a short youtube video showing 9 cleaning mistakes you might be making. 9 Cleaning Mistakes One mistake is using bleach as a cleaning agent.  Bleach is a disinfectant, and should be used after a hard surface is cleaned to disinfect.  Don’t use bleach on carpet or other porous materials as it will, yes, BLEACH […]

Professional Carpeting Cleaners -It’s Time

Professional Carpeting Cleaners -It’s Time red truck with lettering professional carpeting cleaners

Professional carpeting cleaners help maintain the life and beauty of your carpet. It can also improve the indoor air quality, and reduce odors like those from pets or cooking. So when do you know your carpets need professional carpeting cleaners? Here’s a short video that explains some of the ways. 6 ways your carpet is […]

Flood Facts

Flooding is a big problem.  Here are some flood facts in this short video 5 Flood Facts   Here are some of the flood facts from the video floods cause more damage than any ohter natural disaster in the US.  Flooding can happen in any part of the country, and rising ground water can cause […]