Organizing & Cleaning the Bathrooms 

Besides the kitchen, your bathroom is one of the most popular and trafficked rooms in your home.

Keeping your bathroom organized, and cleaning the bathrooms, can be a daunting chore. And your work increases tremendously if you have more than one. Many homes have several bathrooms. That’s a lot of cleaning and organizing to tackle, especially if you let too much time pass without giving them some attention. It’s easy to see several days, a week, even more pass without a close scrutiny of the condition of a bathroom—and then all of a sudden you are amazed how all the nastiness snuck up on you.

The way to tackle all of this is with a plan—a cleaning the bathrooms plan, which includes organizing all bathroom content as well.

Create a Plan

  • Each day you should wipe down all surfaces that are frequently used, such as the countertop, faucet handles, the sink, even the toilet seat.
  • Every few days you should add in spraying the tub or shower with your favorite tub/tile cleanser and rinse it out completely. Scrub if necessary.
  • Each week, it’s time to get down to business. A thorough cleaning should take place, even more frequently if you have a large family. This means all surfaces are sprayed with cleanser, scrubbed and/or wiped down. The floors should be swept and mopped. Insides of toilets should be cleaned so all scaling and mineral deposits are removed.

And that’s just to keep everything clean. What about organizing the contents? Open up the drawers, cabinets, check the inventory of what is in your bathroom. You will be amazed at the number of toiletries, medications, cosmetics, lotions and potions you have amassed over the years. Many of them are no doubt expired, some by many years unless you have kept up with what you stock your bathroom with.

Take the time to look at expiration dates and start throwing out what has expired. Some products will last for years. Others just a few months. Even cosmetics have an expiration suggestion.

Also consider better organizing, use shelving or organizing products such as bins that can be stacked.

And, of course, when you need some professional cleaning done in your home, whether routine cleaning or deep cleaning such as for your carpet, or tile do the right thing. Call your favorite cleaning company at Accent American Inc.  After all, it pays to call a pro

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