Professional cleaning will always beat DIY (do it yourself).  This is true for just about any service you can think of.  Plumbing, electrical, carpentry.  You just can’t beat having a professional come in to do things for you.  It’s much easier to hire someone who already has the tools, equipment and knowledge rather than trying to do it yourself.


For professional cleaning of carpets, you first need the proper training.  This would be through taking courses from the IICRC Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification .  The IICRC provides training and certification for the cleaning and disaster restoration, and requires continuing educaiton to maintain certified status.


Next, you need the right equipment.  Truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning is what is required by most carpet manufacturers to maintian their warranty. A carpet warranty is good for 20 years.  The carpet mills commissioned third party, independent testing of equipment, chemiclas, vacuums and more in order to make the determination of what to put in their warranty.

A truck mounted hot water extraction system, including the truck to house it and basic tools like vacuum and solution hoses, wands and a stair tool, can run upwards of $200,000.  There are high powered portable machines out there, but they do not have the same capabilities of a truck mounted unit.  These should only be used on professional cleaning when a truck mount unit can’t.   Rental type machines, or home use carpet cleaning machines are not powerful at all, and can lead to over wetting the carpet, which leads to a host of problems that professional cleaning doesn’t.

Professional Cleaning Solutions

You also need the right solutions for cleaning of carpets.  For this, you need to know what type of carpet it is, and what soils.  Nylon, olefin, polyester, polypropelene, wool? All have different needs when it comes to cleaning.

Here’s a short video explaining 5 reason professional cleaning is better than DIY.

Professional Cleaning Beats DIY

Experience That Matters

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