Here’s fun little video discussing professional carpet cleaner versus DIY

Professional carpet cleaning or DIY

So, which should it be? Professional carpet cleaning versus DIY. And a definition of “professional carpet cleaning” is an IICRC certified technician using CRI Green Label approved chemicals and truck mounted hot water extraction equipment.  Defined by Shaw Floors, the largest manufacturer of residential carpet in the United States. Even if your carpet doesn’t say “Shaw”, it may still be manufactured by Shaw, and be private labeled.

Let’s break it down.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly.  Vacuuming does a decent job, but will only remove about 50% of the loose dirt in the carpet, even if it is set to the proper height and you vacuum as recommended, which means going over the same area 4-5 times.  DIY carpet cleaning machines aren’t very strong on vacuum pressure either.

Professionals who use truck mounted hot water extraction have powerful equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars.  This equipment has a lot of vacuum pressure, and many cleaners can remove 90% or more of the loose debris in your carpet, especially after applying the cleaning solution and rinsing.


Residues is next.  Professional carpet cleaning versus DIY machines, the DIY machines leave lots of residues in your carpet, which can attract soils, making your carpet feel sticky or crunchy, and can cause rapid re-soiling.  Professional, truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning rinses the carpet with clean, hot water, removing any residues along with the dirt.

Bacteria, viruses and germs are in your carpet fibers.  Professional carpet cleaning versus DIY cleaning machines can’t get hot enough to kill germs, bacteria or viruses.  Truck mount hot water extraction machines get really hot, it’s called “steam cleaning” because you can see the steam rising off the equipment while they are cleaning!


And next up – odors.  Professional carpet cleaning versus DIY machines, the DIY machines leave the carpet really wet, which can cause them to smell – for DAYS! Professional equipment has extraction power so that the carpet will be slightly damp to the touch when they are done. Carpets will be completely dry in a few hours if they are using a wand. If they are using a rotary extractor, it could be dry in an hour.  Some cleaners bring small fans that they place on the carpet after cleaning it to help speed dry it.

Costs of professional carpet cleaning versus DIY. OK, most people choose to clean their own carpet to save money.  WRONG! Professional carpet cleaning can cost as much or LESS than renting a machine, especially if you factor in your time! Save cleaning carpet yourself




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