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Accent American Inc is Tampa Bay’s leading fire damage restoration company. Fire damage to your property is a very complicated issue to resolve and many general contractors say they are capable of addressing this, but very few actually can. Fire damage restoration requires knowledge of cleaning as well as structural repairs.  That’s why you need Accent American Inc.  We have IICRC Triple Master Certification, the highest level of certification and training in our industry, and this includes Master Fire and Smoke Restorer certification.  In addition to visible damage to walls, floors, ceilings and furniture, there will likely be complex structural issues as well as HVAC and electrical issues that need to be addressed by a professional fire damage restoration company like Accent American Inc, and damage to contents.

If your home or commercial property has been affected by fire, call Accent American today at (813) 621-6015 for expert fire damage restoration in Tampa Bay.

We Work Closely with Insurance Providers

Homes with Fire Damage

If your home has suffered damage due to fire, you need a company that knows how to navigate the complexities of a fire damaged property. Many times, homeowners’ insurances rely on us to outline the damage so they can ensure they don’t miss anything. This relationship is important; by Accent American working  alongside your insurance company, we can ensure all damages are both fixed and paid for so that in the end, you do not have to pay out of pocket to repair your property other than your insurance deductible or any upgrades.

We are preferred vendors for several Florida carriers. We are their trusted , Master Certified source for accurate estimates, timely and expert craftsmanship, and for ensuring their customers are 100% satisfied when the project is over.  We have decades of experience in cleaning up and repairing fire damage to homes and businesses.

Our assessor has decades of hands on experience, and has worked on fire losses both large and small. This is critical, as it allows us to perform the cleaning efficiently,  the repair process can happen that much faster. To learn more about the fire damage restoration and cleaning process, visit our Contents Cleaning and Post-Fire Repairs pages.

At Accent American Inc, we have a licensed General Contractor available for any necessary repairs, and we have our own specialists we recommend—including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and roofing specialists—for every aspect of your fire damage project. This way, you get the best repair service available in the area, as these companies are known and trusted. Our office coordinates all of the repairs and the appointments, so you don’t have the frustration of making all of those phone calls.

What to Look for in a Fire Damage Restoration Company
A house fire can be devastating for you and your family to endure; the first step to cleaning up this mess is selecting the right company to repair your issues. Accent American Inc isn’t only the right company, but we are also the best fire damage repair company in the area.  We are a true restoration company.  We have process that were developed by our Master Cleaner and Master Smoke Restorer to remove soot and smoke odors from otherwise undamaged materials, saving thousands in repair costs, and weeks or months in time spent on repairs.  Other companies will tear out all of the walls, ceililngs and cabinets, we clean and restore any that aren’t charred by flames.

Fire Repair Consultation

When hiring a Fire Damage Restoration Specialist to repair your home after a fire, always insist on being provided the following:

  • Copy of their IICRC Master Fire and Smoke Restorer certification card
  • A written estimate and timeline for the repairs

When selecting a fire damage repair and restoration company, you should also conduct extensive research online and bring any red flags to the company’s attention.

Fire Damage Repair & Restoration Services We Handle

Our Florida fire damage repair services include:

  • Drywall repair
  • Texture and painting
  • Flooring repairs, including wood floors, tile floors, carpeting, vinyl, marble, and all other flooring types
  • Cabinet repair, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and walk-in closets
  • All electrical work, including wiring, lighting, and all other electrical needs
  • Plumbing and air conditioning repairs
  • Structural repairs, including exterior repairs, roof repairs, and framing repairs
  • contents cleaning

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

A fire is a devastating event—and one that requires professional fire cleanup, restoration, and repairs. Our fire cleanup process varies greatly depending on the extent of the damage. For example, a relatively small electrical fire that is put out quickly and only damages a small area will require a much simpler cleanup and restoration process than a full-blown structural fire.

Generally speaking, our fire cleanup process includes the following:

  • First, we will meet you on-site and assess all damage
  • Next, we will make any necessary temporary repairs to secure your property, including boarding up windows and doors, and tarping any roof openings
  • We document all damages using both photographs and video. During this time, your Master Fire and Smoke Restorer is in  communication with your insurance adjuster so that the cleanup process moves swiftly and everyone is on the same page
  • We will remove any materials that are unable to be cleaned/restored and dispose of them immediately
  • Our team will clean all surfaces using whichever method is best for that type of surface to remove soot and smoke odors.
  • Some materials may require encapsulation to seal them for odor issues, however, this is a case-by-case situation
  • We will then clean and seal, if necessary, air ducts and HVAC units
  • At this point, we can move on to the next stage of the restoration process: repairs
  • Accent American Inc is your go-to team for trusted fire and smoke damage cleanup, restoration, and repairs

If your home or business has suffered a fire or smoke damage, call (813) 621-6015 for our exper fire damage restoration services in Tampa Bay. We are a licensed, certified, and insured company that treats your property as if it were our own.

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