Professional carpeting cleaners help maintain the life and beauty of your carpet. It can also improve the indoor air quality, and reduce odors like those from pets or cooking.

So when do you know your carpets need professional carpeting cleaners?

Here’s a short video that explains some of the ways.

6 ways your carpet is telling you that you need professional cleaning


  1. Traffic lanes starting to look worn
  2. Sand paper – that’s all the sand in your carpet, it’s abrasive and can cause wear
  3. Odors.  An dyou could be breathing in dust mites, pet dander, spores, fungus, bacteria and even carcinogens
  4. Water damage, moisture, stains.  Water damage can even lead to mold
  5. Discoloration from furniture legs resting on carpet.
  6. Spots and spills could turn into permanent stains if not addressed professionally.

So how do you choose professional carpeting cleaners?

Your first step should be to find  out if they are certified to clean carpets.  Certification ensures that they have been properly professionally trained to clean carpeting.  The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the organization that traines and certifies carpet cleaning technicians, and more.   Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

Most homeowners don’t know what to ask professional carpeting cleaners, except price.  There are some important questions you need answers to after you find out if they are certified.  What method will they be using to clean your carpets?  What type of equipment will they be using? Most manufacturers, including Shaw the largest manufacturer of carpeting in the US, require truck mounted hot water extraction (steam) cleaning by an IICRC certified technician in order to maintain your warranty.   Portable equipment should only be used if a truck mounted unit can’t access the building, such as in a high rise.

“Dry” cleaning methods, including encapsulation, are mostly for commercial carpets. These methods put down a solution that is brush or worked into the carpets with a pad.  It removes minimal soils, and can distort the fibers of residential carpet.

Some carpet cleaners promote that they don’t use chemicals of any kind, except special “water”.  Would you take a shower and not use soap?  The chemical, or detergent solution, is what breaks up the soils alllowing them to be removed.  Using plain water doesn’t clean. And water is water.

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