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Should You Test for Mold?

Recently, we discussed mold that can be found in unlikely places, such as in the bedroom, bathroom, and the kitchen. After all, most report mold behind cabinets or crawlspaces, but mold can actually grow virtually anywhere. A test for mold can help find it. There is one thing we can all agree on. You do […]

Where There is Mold

Where there is mold, there is usually an underlying condition that you must discover and remediate, and quickly. Mold occurs because of conditions that allow it to grow, and some types of molds are tenacious. Recently, we considered the difference between mildew and mold and what the EPA has to say about what we need […]

The True Value of a Professional Restoration Company

What is the true value of a professional restoration company? When a fire, flood, water leak, mold growth or other issue that makes your home either inhabitable or just an inconvenience to deal with, you must decide “Will I clean this up myself, or hire a professional restoration company?” While some small, minor “disasters” can […]

Mold Prevention

For mold prevention and to keep mold at bay: Take Away its Food The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes how water damage situations (such as from a flood, leaky or broken pipe, sewage backup, etc) can be potentially hazardous… not just initially, but over time as well. Why? Because of the potential of […]

Storm Season Preparation Part 1

Storm Season Preparation Part 1 storm season preparation

Storm Season Preparation – Part 1 When the weather turns bad, it’s time to prepare against the weather. Prepping your home for a storm that is either predicted or a storm that can occur at any time is the best defense against wind, water and related storm damages. Without proper storm season preparation of your […]

Mold Remediation – Prevent Health Problems

No Florida property is immune to fungi and bacteria, and the high humidity in Tampa Bay only increases the possibility of infestation. Mold remediaiton may be necessary. Bacterial overgrowth can lead to health issues like: Asthma Coughing Runny nose Red or itchy eyes Rashes And more It weakens the immune systems of humans and furry […]