Where there is mold, there is usually an underlying condition that you must discover and remediate, and quickly. Mold occurs because of conditions that allow it to grow, and some types of molds are tenacious.

Recently, we considered the difference between mildew and mold and what the EPA has to say about what we need to know.

And while the cleanup of microbial growth may seem basic at times, there are situations when removal and cleaning can be challenging to tackle. Here are some important points to consider and remember… to play it safe means consulting and usually hiring a professional mold remediation company like Accent American Inc in the Tampa area.

Toxic or non-toxic?

cabinet with mold on the back
Mold likes to hide

Mold is a common problem and as a fungus it can appear in different areas for many different reasons. Usually because of a dark, moist condition. But just because you find microbial growth doesn’t mean it is necessarily toxic. After all, everyone has different reactions to substances. What may be harmful to one person may not be to another.

But always be safe and when cleaning up mold, wear gloves, a respirator, and proper personal protective equipment that a mold remediation expert would recommend.

Most molds

Most of the time, the stuff  you find, such as in a bathroom, a windowsill, or other common areas, can be easily cleaned. It is unlikely you will call a mold remediation expert to take care of the mildew  growing on the grout in your shower. Just be safe and wear a mask and gloves, and use products designed for removing small amounts of growth.

Mold is a type of soil. It’s organic growth. No need to panic, just be smart about cleaning it up. After all, if you were in the garden and saw some, you wouldn’t run screaming into the house. Simply applying a cleaning product for microbial growth  removal, scrubbing and wiping it up, completely, often fixes the issue. But sometimes, the mold has grown into surfaces, such as baseboards, walls, or even the subfloor that you discover as you replace flooring material. When that occurs, removing and replacing affected areas is often the best solution.

Hiring a pro

If it appears significant, and you have some doubts on removing it, it’s best to call a professional. An IICRC certified  mold remediation company like Accent American Inc., who utilizes technicians who are trained and have experience in safely removing larger amounts of mold, or the types of microbial growth that are known to affect more individuals with allergen sensitivities.

Who pays for all of this? Sometimes, your insurance company, if the cause is from a water damage situation. Talk to your favorite Tampa restoration company Accent American Inc. about all of this. After all, it pays to call a pro!


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