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Allergens woman after sneezing due to allergens carpets better for allergies

Sensitive to Mold and Other Allergens? DID YOU KNOW that even the healthiest of individuals can still feel negative effects in the presence of some common things around the house? It’s not something that necessarily has to start growing in the basement of your house after a flood. It’s something that can “just happen” and […]

Cleaning Wool Rugs and Wool Carpet: Good News? Or Baaaad?

Cleaning Wool Rugs and Wool Carpet: Good News? Or Baaaad? sheep wool rug

DID YOU KNOW that choosing a wool carpet or wool rugs for your home is both good news… and sometimes bad? The good news is choosing wool, which is a high quality fiber but not really that popular because of the higher price, means your carpet or rug will last longer, look better and retain […]

Your Area Rug Deserves Some Pampering

DID YOU KNOW that a valuable area rug in your home is virtually crying out for some comfort? When people start installing more hard floors in homes, the first thing many of them do is cover those floors with soft area rugs. Some of these rugs cost thousands of dollars, and they need their own […]

Ewww….Dust Mites!

Ewww….Dust Mites! dust mites dating advice

Dust Mites. No matter who you are, no matter where you live, you never sleep alone. But don’t panic…those sleeping with you are somewhat peaceful. And not really that noticeable, until the “Welcome” sign goes up and they start inviting a bunch of guests over. Once the invitation goes out, there can be millions that […]

3 Signs You Need Oriental Rug Cleaning

3 Signs You Need Oriental Rug Cleaning oriental rug cleaning,clean rugs,professional rug cleaning,wool rug cleaning,professional wool rug cleaner,oriental rug cleaner,professional rug cleanerL

Unless there is a significant stain or tear, those in need of Oriental rug cleaning services usually find out that they need it the hard way. The intricate designs and darker colors conceal any visible dirt, so you’re more likely to overlook the dust and grime it contains. With each step you, your family members, […]