Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is categorized as a “green” cleaning process.  “Green”, or environmentally friendly, cleaning uses chemicals or products that are environmentally safe. Green or eco-friendly cleaning, is important for your indoor air quality and overall health.

Definition of  eco-friendly cleaning

The main component of hot water extraction cleaning is …water!  Water is one of the world’s best cleaning agents, and it’s eco-friendly.  Hot water especially is a great chemcial to clean with, especially for oily or greasy situatiosn. Minimal chemicals are used in the carpet cleaning process, and, when done properly, these chemicals are rinsed out of the carpet, leaving fresh, clean carpet with little or no residue. At Accent Americna, we use Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label Certified products. These products have been rigorously tested to be not only  safe for the environment, but effective at cleaning.

The amount of chemical in the rinse water is parts per billion, so it is really minimal, and the wastewater is disposed of according to state and local laws.

“Dry” cleaning and encapsulation methods require vacuuming, which collects a lot of chemical residue left behind by the cleaning process. This can actually be more harmful to the environment, since the debris vacuumed out of the carpet has to be disposed of.

So for eco-friendly carpet, floor and furniture cleaning in the Tampa Bay area, call Accent American at 813-621-6015




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