DID YOU KNOW that man’s best friend can actually become your worst nightmare?

That’s right. He’s cuddly, cute and you love him, but sometimes he has a problem with “accidents” and pretty soon, you start to notice the… ummm… odiferous situation.

Besides the obvious occasional accident from your best friend Fido, his hair can also be an issue. Once he shakes a bit off, it goes into the carpet and furniture and sticks to it all and it can be quite a problem.

Then you have the issue of “I want in. I want out. I want in.” You know it… Fido is always on the move and the constant going outside and then back inside brings in all kinds of dirt.

What can you do about all this?

1. Clean messes up quickly. Once you discover an “accident,” it’s important to grab a few paper towels and blot up the mess before it sinks down into the padding of the carpet. Baking soda and vinegar work well on pet stains. After blotting, put baking soda over the area and let it sit for a few hours. Vacuum up what you can, then slowly our white vinegar over the spot, it will bubble up. Blot the area, and pour more vinegar. Continue blotting and pouring until the bubbling stops, then blot really well and let dry. For large spots, or lingering odors, of course it’s best to have the professionals at Accent American come over to handle these odor challenges.

Pet Stain and Odor Removal

2. A hairy situation can be tamed by brushing your dog often. Loose hair that’s about to go into the carpet and furniture can be easily pulled from Fido with a good grooming brush. And guess what? He probably likes the attention! Vacuuming carpets and furniture regularly will help also. And don’t forget about the pet dander!  Professional Carpet Cleaning can remove a lot of the pett hair, dander and body oils from your carpet, and the dog odor too.

3. While you may not have the time to wipe off Fido’s muddy paws each time he wants back inside, it is a good idea to place mats inside and outside the door. When Fido want’s back inside, let him beg a little bit on the outside mat because some of that dirt is definitely going to come off.

Do all of this and man’s best friend is going to be a dream to live with, not a nightmare

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