Are you ready for carpet cleaning?  Has your rug seen one too many spills? Are your stairs discolored from years of traffic? Whatever the case, carpet cleaning services are often more affordable than replacement costs.  The trouble is, some people think they can tackle the task themselves. After all, anyone can rent a steam cleaner but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can operate it properly. The team at Accent American has a lot of experience covering up or “fixing” what some of our clients tried to do themselves.

Thinking About DIY?

All it takes is a rented steam cleaner and some gumption to take on your mission. It can be cheaper to rent the equipment yourself, but the savings generally stop there. These tools are not one size fits all, and the cleansers need to be carefully matched to the carpeting in question. An Oriental rug’s needs are far different than the Berber in your kid’s playroom. Don’t damage the existing floor by trying to DIY. Your attempts could discolor the surface or snag the warp. Now, you need repair and color treatment on top of cleaning! Your expenses have compounded, and your efforts to save were in vain.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

When you pick a professional carpet cleaning service, like those provided by Accent American, you make quality a priority. Our experts will attend to your concerns and queries, assess the damage, and address the problem with ease. We realize that you don’t want to ruin the rug you inherited from great Aunt Clara, but the stain your new puppy made isn’t honoring your relatives either. With Accent American, you get:

  • Trained specialists
  • Attention to detail
  • Protection that lasts
  • A job well done

Instead of chancing a mistake with DIY, complete the job on the first go. We will have your surfaces looking brand new in no time! Unless you have training in carpet cleaning services, we insist that you leave the task to the pros.

Accent American: Carpet Cleaning Services

Instead of ruining the frieze in your dining room or discoloring your entryway Oriental, let us handle the area rug and carpet cleaning services. That way, things look better after the task is complete. At Accent American, we also offer assistance with:

For assistance with carpet cleaning in the Tampa Bay area, call 813-621-6015 to speak with our staff!

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