3 Ways Water Damage Affects Your Home video


Water damage can affect your home in many ways.  Soaking building materials, cabinets and flooring is just one.  Water can also affect your clothing, paperwork and electronics.  Taking care of water damage quickly is always your best bet.

Water Damage Affects

Water can cause lots of damage, especially if it is allowed to sit for long periods of time.  Untreated water damage almost always leads to mold.  Mold damage is bad for your health, and can make you and your family sick.  Water can soak building materials like drywall, making the drywall collapse, especially in ceilings.  This can be very dangerous.  Water damage affects wood floors, and can cause them to buckle if the water isn’t dried quickly enough.  Water can rot wooden building materials and personal items also.

What to Do

Call the professionals when you experience water damage in your home or office.  Don’t try to take care of it yourself, most people are not very successful, and wind up creating a bigger problem.   Professionals like those at Accent American  have the proper training and equipment to correctly address the water damage affects, and prevent further damages.

When you discover the water damage, your first step should be to make sure everyone is safe.  Next, you will want to pick up any loose items off the floor where the water damage is.  Put furniture in an unaffected area where possible. If you have a floating floor, it may need to come out, so be prepared to empty china cabinets, shelf units or dressers in the affected area.  Keep children and pets out of damaged areas for their safety.

Do NOT rip out carpets and padding.  Many times, the carpet and padding can be salvaged in a fresh water claim, and your insurance won’t pay to replace it.  Even in claims where the carpet is going to be replaced, we leave it in place until everything is dry, as it is safer, helps reduce dust load, and the padding helps dry the buiding materials faster by acting like a sponge.


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