Flood plain – Do You Feel Safe?  In this short video, Lizzie discusses flood plains, and gives some advice on how to best prepare for flooding.

Here’s the vido link:

Do you feel safe – video link 

Now do you feel safe?  You shouldn’t.  Up to 1/3 of flood damage occurs outside of a flood plain. Flood plains are areas that frequently flood during heavy rains.  Flood zones and flood plains are the same thing.  Even if your home or office is not in a designated flood plain or flood zone, it can still suffer damage if there are heavy rains or even a hurricane.

Here’s 4 tips for reducing property damage:

  1. Use water resistant building materials
  2. Install sewer backflow valves
  3. Raise the level of your electrical and AC systems – get them up off the ground!
  4. Call your well drilling specialist and ask about ways to protect your water

There are many other tips on how to protect your property from rising water or storm damage.  Things like using sand bags, or inflatables to stop water entering your home or business. Shutters on your windows are very helpful.  Impact resistant windows and doors.

And if you do suffer water damage in your home or office in the Tampa Bay area, be sure to call Accent American the professional water damage restoration experts right away.

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