Here’s a short video on ways water damage affects homes

3 ways water damage affects your home

Having a water damage situation in your home can be a devastating experience.  Even a small water intrusion can cause damages to your home if not properly addressed.

Most water damage situations can be repaired within a few days with drying equipment monitored and placed by a trained professional.  Carpets can be dried and cleaned as they can not harbor mold growth being as they are plastic.  Cabinets can be dried out in most cases, and so can drywall.  Mold can begin to form after about 72 hours, so it’s important to get to the water damage quickly.


Training in water damage restoration and how water damage affects home materials is important to ensure that the work is done correctly. So that no further damage occurs. We use thermal imaging along with moisture meters, to determine where the water is. And to determine that areas have dried sufficiently.  The ways water damage affects homes materials and how to properly address them is knowledge that is absolutely necessary to protect your home.

Training in water damage restoration is provided by the IICRC (Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and you can find more information or check the credentials of a company here IICRC.  The IICRC certifies both individuals and companies, and has a strict code of ethics that certified firms must adhere to.

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And if you do suffer water damage or any other type of damage to your home.  Water damage, fires, mold, sewage or other disasters, call the experts at Accent American Inc. 813-621-6015.

IICRC Certified Triple Master – Master Textile Cleaner, Master Water Damage Restorer, Master Fire and Smoke Restorer.  State Licensed Mold Remediator, Expert Witness.  Owner operated since 1985 Local and family owned small business, not a franchise.

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