DID YOU KNOW that water is the most essential element of life? That’s right. We all need water. We need it to bathe, to drink, to water plants and the grass, and even to enjoy recreationally, such as in a swimming pool.

But are there times when you may wish water was scarce? Yes, such as when some water ends up where it shouldn’t be, like on your valuable wood floor.

When that happens, you must clean it up quickly. If you don’t, permanent damage can occur. Wood floors can warp and the finish can become damaged if they aren’t dried properly. And over drying them can cause them to split and crack, that’s why you need professional help. Professionals have special equipment that can measure teh moisture, and they know how much is enough for your wood floors.

Any remaining water in your valuable wood floor means there is the potential of the floor warping and then requiring expensive sanding and refinishing. Worst case scenario? You will have to replace areas of the wood floor that can’t be fixed. Ouch! That’s expensive.

Here’s the problem, though, the real challenge. When water does intrude, you can dry the wood floor with mops, towels and even that old box fan you have in the attic, but did you get it all? Is the water totally gone? You touch the floor; it seems dry, but is it really dry?

It would be nice if there was a way to determine if all moisture was removed after your home suffered from water damage.

Wait a second… is there a way?

There is! There are specialized companies, like Accent American, that have some really cool equipment that can detect even the smallest amount of moisture. Like in carpet, in walls, in your wood floors, for example. It’s called Thermal Imaging and it can literally see through your walls and floors looking for moisture.

And that’s why calling a company specializing in moisture detection is a smart decision. Do it right. Call the water damage restoration pro’s at Accent American.

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