Stains and spills happen unexpectedly, but you can combat permanent marks by understanding upholstery cleaning codes. Did your Aunt Ethel spill red wine on your ivory sofa chair ? Maybe your grandchild decided that the couch cushion needed to be colored with crayons. Or you may have discovered your dog’s paws were slick with mud when he jumped up for some snuggles after coming in from your yard. Whatever the case, knowing the codes (which can be found on tags) will be advantageous to you.

W: When you see a W, think water. You can use a water-based solution, like gentle dish soap, baby wipes or rubbing alcohol.

S: If the tag shows an S, you need a water-free solvent cleanser. Don’t ignore the label thinking “A little water never hurt anybody!”, because H₂O will fade the fabric and potentially leave a permanent water ring.

WS or SW: If it reads WS or SW, dry-cleaning products or water-based solutions can be used. These labels can be tricky, so you can either test a small unseen area or contact professionals for a consultation.

X: An X is an unwelcome sight when it comes to upholstery cleaning. This usually means that it will be a tough job to tackle even for experts in the industry. Water and solvents will not help.

When something spills, you may act on impulse and use the wrong product. But if you know what the furniture needs, you improve chances of lifting the stain and can avoid making it worse. This knowledge is also helpful when it comes to shopping because you can select pieces that can be cleaned with ease.

DIY or Professional Services?

Couches that call for water-based solutions are usually easy cleanups, so you might think you can DIY any old chair or chaise lounge in your home. But beware, because upholstery cleaning is a science, and one mistake could cost you the appearance of an entire piece of furniture. With professional services, you get:

  • Expertise of various fabrics
  • Cutting edge equipment and cleansers
  • Thorough cleansing and complete drying

When you DIY, you run the risk of rubbing the mark in further or using the wrong solution. State of the art equipment is expensive, so you are limited to what’s available at Home Depot or Lowe’s. And if you cannot completely dry it, you risk mildew growth. With professional upholstery cleaning services, you cut out the guesswork and get the job done right the first time.

Accent American: Experts in Upholstery Cleaning

Take a good look at the couches and chairs in your home. Upon closer inspection, you may discover that they are dingier than they appear. Whether you want to target a specific stain or give your furniture a fresh look we can help! The experts at Accent American specialize in carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well as  water damage restoration  fire damage clean up   mold remediation and more! Call 813-621-6015 to learn more!

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