.Our company is very proud and gratified to be one of the companies responsible for creating this event at Ronald McDonald House and many other locations.

It started in 2014,  with our company volunteering to clean the Tampa Ronald McDonald House.  We helped create a Facebook page for carpet cleaners called Cleaners Giving Back, so that our colleagues in the industry could tell us what they were doing to give back to their local communities.  In 2016, we posted pictures from the Tampa Ronald McDonald House.

How did it come about

We were approached by another cleaner, who holds a charity auction every year and gives the money to a local charity.   It took some time, but we got permission to hold the event at Ronald McDonald House, and we put the word out to other carpet cleaners to come and volunteer.

That conversation led to holding his charity auction in conjunction with cleaning the 3 Ronald McDonald houses in St Pete.  So Lisa worked to set up everything, making sure that we had confirmations, getting cleaning supplies donated, getting instructors to come out and demonstrate and make it a learning opportunity too.

When did it start

In 2017, we held the first event,  We had close to 70 people from around the country come and volunteer their time and equipment.  They came to clean every square inch of flooring and furniture in the 3 houses in St Pete.  It was amazing.

In 2018, we did it again, and had 50 plus people show up.  And it was amazing.

And it has spread like wildfire.  Cleaners in other states calling, asking we can do an event in their state for the local RMH.  And we  want to continue to spread the  love.

In 2019, Lisa took over the operaton to clean the RMH in St Pete.  We then developed Cleaning Community Gives Back to differentiate from the other group.

Have you done others?

Our local group has branched out to include the RMH Gainesville, RMH Orlando, RMH Jacksonville, Tampa Crossroads, Sylvia Thomas Center, 2 locations for Oasis Pregnancy Care Centers, New Life Village and Hope Children’s Home.

And we will be back  again soon, doing it all again.


Ronald McDonald house Charity Cleaning Crew

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