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If you have carpet covered floors inside of your  home, having the number of a professional, certified  carpet cleaner on hand is essential. This is the case not just for appearances sake— having a thorough cleaning of your flooring is vital to your family’s health. Let Accent American get the debris, microbes, and dust out of your floors so you can enjoy a safe and clean environment at home!

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Professional carpet cleaning

What Our Professional Carpet Cleaners Do
The goal in hiring certified professional carpet cleaners is to do more than what you typically do on your own. We do some serious deep cleaning to remove any stains or spots on the surface of your floor and then strive to go deep into the fibers to clean out anything that is trapped or hidden.

Here is what our process looks like:

We start by doing a pre-vacuum. During this stage, we remove dust and debris that is lying loosely on your flooring by using our high-powered truck-mounted vacuum system. We also add in our deodorizers to help eliminate any of the smells that come from contaminants.
Once the floor is clean on the surface, we move on to treat it with a heated solution. After that is applied, we then follow up with a fresh hot water extraction. The final step leaves your floors freshly rinsed and completely clear of chemicals and leftover contaminants.

The Health Benefits of Deep Cleaning
Another good reason to hire Accent American for a deep cleaning at least once a year is the health benefits you will reap for your whole household . Professional carpet cleaners reach far deeper than regular house cleaning can do.

When we wash your flooring, we thoroughly cleanse away the contaminants along with the grime to make sure that we leave a pure floor and healthy air for you and your familyto breathe. Carpeting in is known to trap all sorts of health hazards, which is why doing an occasional deep wash is so important. Otherwise, you may be walking on floors that have collected all kinds of unclean things over the months and years, such as:

Dust and dust mites
Dirt and sand particles
Dead skin cells
Leftover food particles
Grease and oil deposits
Organic compounds
Combustion products
Liquids from spills

If you have pets or small children, professional carpet cleaners are even more necessary. Pets shed and can carry in various allergens and particles from outdoors, while children are often crawling, falling on, and touching the floor, so it needs to be safe for them. In fact, even our motto says it, “We clean for the health of it.”

Why Hire Accent American?
You may not be aware that currently, most carpet manufacturers, inclduing Shaw, who manufactures about 90% of residential carpet sold in the US,  require hot water extractions to be performed by professional carpet cleaners with IICRC certified technicians for their warranty to remain valid. If you wish to do the hot water extraction on your own, you will automatically void the warranty. Hiring Accent American means that you will be receiving full carpet treatment from an IICRC Certified Triple Master technician and will not have to face warranty issues if anything should happen to your floor.

Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

In the Tampa area, our crew is dedicated to leaving our customers happy every time we set foot in their homes. Accent American has been an advisor to major mills such as Dupont, Shaw, Fabrica International, and Beaulieu.

We have a long record of outstanding success and even some awards to prove it— check them out:

IICRC Certified Triple Master
IICRC Certified Performance Assessor
Expert Witness

Senior Carpet and Flooring Inspector (non-practicing)

State of Florida licensed Mold Remediator

Stte of Florida Licensed Lead Paint Renovator

Call Accent American Today!
Our certified professional carpet cleaners know what they are doing and will be happy to freshen up your home. Accent American is family and locally owned and operated and has been in business since 1985, which is just long enough to know how to leave our customers satisfied after every job. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation at 813-621-6015.

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