In homes with hardwood or tile, it’s common to see mats in the dining room or runners in the hallway. They can pull a design scheme together, cushion your toddler’s fall and even add warmth in the cooler winter months. They can last a long time if they are well cared for. Follow these three tips for Oriental rug cleaning and give yours a longer life.

1. Don’t Vacuum Too Often

Did you ever think you’d be told to vacuum less often? Since modern day vacuuming tools have aggressive suction, use a carpet sweeper instead. When you do vacuum, only do so about once a week. Be sure to move side to side instead of end to end. This way, you avoid damaging the fringe.

2. Wash It Every 1 to 2 Years

We cannot stress the importance of regular washings. If you ignore this advice all of a sudden, the colors of your beautiful Persian will become dull, and the fringe may clump or fray. If you thought your Oriental rug was fading due to foot traffic, think again. When dust and silica are allowed to sink deep into the base of the mat, they begin to break down fibers every time they are walked on in your home.

3. When You Wash, Hire Professionals

Persian and Oriental rug cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all operation and should only be done by professionals familiar with handling the intricacies of these mats. They will be able to identify what materials it is made of, which will determine the cleansers used. Yours might be made of:

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Cotton

Knowing the material isn’t enough. There are particular methods involved when it comes to area rug cleaning. Using different detergents, depending on where they were made. In the wrong hands, your favorite statement piece could be destroyed. Identify Rugs

Accent American for Oriental Rug Cleaning

Accent American can help residents who need tips for Oriental rug cleaning services, as well as those who need to eliminate odors from pets Our experts have the experience and the tools to keep your area rug in pristine condition. We can also help with carpet protection, water damage repair, and more! Call today at 813-621-6015 to schedule a service!

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