Hard surface floor cleaning processes vary by the type of floor you have, and each type of flooring has benefits and downfalls.

Tile is a popular flooring choice.  It comes in many different sizes and shapes, and many different finishes from coarse non skid surfaces to a mirror like shine.  Tile is resistant to moisture, so it isn’t an issue if there is a water damage in the home.  Your tile floor can be swept and mopped regularly to keep it clean, but the grout lines tend to accumulate dirt, which can be difficult for you to remove.  Professional cleaning of tile and grout involves spraying down the floor with a special tile cleaner, scrubbing with a counter rotating brush machine, or other specialty floor scrubbing machine, then removing the chemical and dirt with a high powered extractor and a special tool called a spinner.  This process gives some really amazing results on tile and grout.

What Type of Floor

Tile and Grout Cleaning

LVT or luxury vinyl tile has become really popular in the past few years.  It comes in many colors, patterns and designs.  It’s thicker, and offers more durability that traditional vinyl tile., and comes in plank, sheet and tile styles.  LVT is easier to maintain that other types of hard flooring, like hard woods or natural stone.  Like other types of hard flooring, LVT can’t match the comfort levels for your feet of carpet.  Many commercial buildings install carpet tiles. Cushion-backed carpet tiles reduce muscle fatigue by 24%, using the same cushioning technology found in high-performance athletic shoes. This is hugely beneficial in any working environment, but particularly for workplaces where employees spend a lot of their time standing or walking around. This information was found in the following article.

Pros and Cons of Luxury Vinyl tile

Stone Floors

Natural stone floors require a lot of maintenance, including stripping and sealing on a regular basis.  They can be professionally cleaned between sealings to help keep the floors looking their best, and a deep, professional cleaning before re-applying sealer is a must.

Wood floors and laminate floors can also be professionally cleaned.  The floors are lightly misted with a cleaning solution, then scrubbed in small sections with a special machine, then immediately rinsed with a powerful machine that vacuums up the moisture, leaving the floors barley damp.  The section is then dried with fans, and the technicians move to the next small section.  The process has to be done is small sections because the cleaning solution can’t be allowed to stay on the floors for more than a few minutes.

While wood and laminate floors are beautiful, they are subject to scratches from furniture, shoes and animal claws.  Hardwood is extremely durable, but in the case of a water damage, it may begin to buckle.  While a certified water damage restoration professional like Accent American can dry wood floors there is no guarantee.  In some cases buckling can be reveresed. For laminate and floating floors, they have to be removed if there is a water damage situation.

Wood Floor Cleaning


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