Prepare for Summer Flooding

Every summer, we might forget about the previous summer rains and subsequent flooding that might have occurred in the area.

But when unrelenting rain starts to fall, one thing you don’t want to experience is regret in not being prepared, whether it is from leaks related to your roofing, windows, or the possibility of a flooded house.

While those might seem like minor issues, when they happen to you, they quickly move up to disastrous. Making sure your home is safe, secure, and devices like your sump pump (if you have a basement) are in good condition.

But when heavy rains hit your area, and flooding is a possibility, the website has some great advice for your preparedness plan.

Make a plan

This is important to do in advance, as when an emergency strikes you will be in panic mode. Have a discussion with family members, about what you will do, where you will go, where you might meet up if separated and mobile phones are not working.

Be sure to discuss your pets as well and have a plan for them. Human life is invaluable, and we feel the same way about our pets.

Have a written list of important phone numbers in case your cell phone loses charge or isn’t functioning.

Be prepared

Build a ‘go-kit’

Have the necessities in a backpack or other easy-to-grab bag. Necessities include documents, such as birth certificates, passports, legal documents, and other papers you should not lose. Having some cash is important in the event credit cards can’t be used.

Clothing, medications, and other necessities should also be in your ‘go-kit’ supplies.

Basically, think about what you simply can’t go without for several days if you have to be out of your home.

Check your insurance policy

Now is the time to make sure you have coverage for natural disasters that might strike your home. Don’t assume. Ask your insurance agent and make sure you have it spelled out clearly in your policy. Not all natural events are covered by regular homeowner policies.

But if the unthinkable does happen to your home, and it becomes damaged by any disaster event, do the right thing and get it all fixed quickly — and safely. Doing the cleanup yourself can expose you to future potential hazards. Call your favorite water damage restoration company – Accent American Inc 813-621-6015

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