Flooding is a big problem.  Here are some flood facts in this short video

5 Flood Facts


Here are some of the flood facts from the video

  1. floods cause more damage than any ohter natural disaster in the US.  Flooding can happen in any part of the country, and rising ground water can cause extensive damage.  Unlike fresh water, rising water is hihgly contaminated, and any drywall or soft goods need to be discarded if they come in contact with it.
  2. flood plains could increase by 45% in 90 years. Over population in these areas is a big cause, as is over building and removing trees and other plant growth.  Planting more trees in these areas will help prevent the flooding.
  3. US flood damages exceeded $300 billion in 2017.  This amount increases annually.
  4. flood mitigation efforts return $5 in savings for every dollar spent.  It’s worth it to invest in flood control measures, especially on a county or state level.  Levees and other devices that direct flood waters away from neighborhoods and into lakes, or the ocean are one of the best investments.
  5. homeowners in flood plains have a 25% chance of getting flooded over 30 years.

What to do?

So, what can you do?   Know if your future home is in a flood plain before you buy it.  Try to avoid living in an area that is regularly subject to flooding.  If you already live in a flood plain, be prepared.  If you are building a home in an area that is known to flood, consider putting it up on stilts, or raising the property elevation.  Have your own drainage syste (keep your neighbors in mind though! ) Have sand bags or inflatable devices to help prevent water from getting into your home if your area floods.  Install tile floors in any rooms that are downstairs.  Purchase flood insurance.

And most of all, have the number of a certified professional restoration contractor on hand.  In the Tampa Bay area, that would be Accent American Inc. 813-621-6015

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