Your Very Own Flood – Flood damage advice

Invasions happen. And as statistics show, it happens often.

No, we aren’t talking about invasions of the criminal kind. What we are talking about is an invasion of… water. Flood damage.

Your own personal flood. Flood damage.  In your house.

REMEMBER – a “flood” is rising water from outside entering a building. Any other water intrusion like from pipes or roof leaks, is “water damage”. Floods are covered by a separate flood insurance policy, which you need to invest in if you live in Florida. Your regular home owners insurance policy does NOT cover flooding, so make sure you use the right terminology if you file a claim to prevent delays or even a possible denial of your claim.

These events can be devastating, in more ways than one. It’s not just an inconvenience. It’s also damaging to valuable materials, some that just can’t be replaced, and steals much of your time as you clean up after the mess.

When a flood occurs in your home, what’s your natural, spontaneous reaction? Call your insurance agent? That’s what most do. And that’s smart, as you don’t want to spend more time and money on this recovery project than necessary.

Your first step after flood damage

But is that really your first step? If the area affected is small, or you can’t see a lot of damage, you might be better off calling a water damage professional like those at Accent American first to get some flood damage advice Tampa. The professionals at Accent American can assess the situation and determine if you need to go to the trouble of filing a claim, or if your damages will be less than your deductible.

But you still have to do your homework. Trusting your insurance company is one thing. Knowing who to hire is another. Remember, it’s your home and your insurance policy. You have significant input in who is hired to come into your home.

The first thing to consider is being safe. No matter how valuable something is, it’s not as valuable as the health and well-being of your family. Make sure everyone is safe and secure, that the power is turned off in areas affected, such as those with electrical components. But be careful! Just leaving your home and letting the pros at Accent American go in and take care of everything, scoping out the job, is often recommended. It’s difficult for you to do because you want to start looking for valuables and protecting your property.

Next is, stand up for your rights. Insurance companies often attempt to limit their exposure and what they will pay. Your typical insurance policy means you have the right to have your home and belongings returned to “pre-loss” condition. Your professional water damage company, Accent American, is on your side. We do the work the right way, and do not cut corners. We have also handled hundreds of insurance claims, and we know how to work with adjusters.

When a flood happens, it can be an emotional event. Remember, though, if everyone is safe, the “stuff” that is ruined can be replaced.

Do the right thing when your home suffers from any type of water loss. Call your favorite flood damage advice professional at Accent American Inc. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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