It happens. All of a sudden, someone spills bleach on the carpet, or uses something they shouldn’t to try to remove a stain and now you’re left with a white spot on your carpet. Right in the middle of the room. You need professional color repair.

In this case, you have a couple of choices. Buy a rug and put it over the spots. You can rearrange your furniture to hide it. Or, you can call us to have the color restored!

We can professionally restore the color to bleached out spots on your carpet or Oriental rugs.

Practice and training

Professional color repair is a highly specialized service, and it takes lots of training and practice to get it right.

Most people think for color repair, you can just buy green dye to match your shade and put it on the bleach spot. Not true. First, you have to neutralize the chemical that caused the bleach spot, so you need knowledge of chemistry to determine what type of neutralizer to use.

Then, you have to determine what color or colors needs to be added to the spot to bring back the original color. This is where it gets tricky. The colors used in color repair are 3 primaries – red, yellow and blue. Combinations of these three colors make up every color in the spectrum. To get green, you mix yellow and blue, right? But in color repair, you have to know how much blue and yellow, and there may even be a little red in there.

It’s science.

It’s an exact science, and the team at Accent American has the knowledge and training to do it right. Bleach spot repair is not cheap.  Small spots the size of a dime can cost $200 or more.  Options are patching or replacing. So if you need color repair service, call 813-621-6015.

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