A cleaner home

It’s a never-ending chore, tasks that must be done each day, each week, each month, each year…a cleaner home.

That’s right — keeping your house nice and clean and healthy for your family.

Keeping your home cleaner is much easier if you have an easy-to-keep schedule, especially if you concentrate on “preventative maintenance.” If you think ahead and plan your cleaning tasks appropriately, you will find you aren’t stuck an entire weekend playing catch-up with house cleaning chores.

Here are a few tips for an always-clean home.

#1: Keep the dirt outside

Be sure to have quality welcome/walk-off mats outside your front door and any other entry door you frequently use.  Walk Off Mats A small — but polite — sign that asks visitors to remove their shoes is a huge step to keeping dirt and grime outside (or at least at the front door.) You can also use “sticky mats” which pull the dirt off of shoes and paws. Call or message us for details.

#2: Stop the stacking

In the kitchen, that is. It’s easy to let dishes and other mealtime items to pile and stack up, with dirty dishes slowly taking over the kitchen sink and nearby countertops. Instead, make it a habit that after mealtimes or snacks that everything is washed, cleaned and put away immediately. If you use it, you clean it. mMke sure dishes are rinsed before they are put in the sink at a minimum, this will help cut down on insects and odors.

#3: Team effort

It can be challenging, especially when everyone is running all over the place trying to get to work and school, but if the entire family pitches in and spends just a few minutes on making beds, tidying up bedrooms, cleaning up after themselves, first thing in the morning… then the house is much cleaner for the entire day. In addition, plan a short amount of time each week where the family all works together to “speed clean” the home, picking up and putting away items laying around, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and more. Give small children chores to do, and it will make everyone’s life easier.

#4: Hire Cleaning Professionals

Hire professional cleaners to come in and give your home a good, deep clean.  This will give you a good start on keeping your home nice and clean.  This includes hiring a company like Accent American for floor and furniture.   We offer:

Carpet Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning 

Furniture Cleaning

Wood Floor Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

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