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Tile and Grout Cleaning the Simple Way

tile and grout cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning the Simple Way

Tile floors are made to last a long time, but eventually, tile and grout cleaning becomes essential due to staining. Because of its porous surface, dirt is easily trapped and causes staining, which leaves the floor looking dirty. Your shower and tub area may develop mildew, mold, or soap scum buildup, which not only cause unsightly stains, but can even lead to health issues if the mold becomes problematic. Tampa is particularly prone to this problem due to our high levels of humidity experienced annually.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Before jumping straight to sealing your grout, it’s a good idea to cleanse it thoroughly. You can use either vinegar or baking soda to accomplish this in an eco-friendly manner. Make a paste of distilled water and baking soda, or mix equal parts vinegar and distilled water. Avoid using soap to clean your floor— it will end up leaving a sticky residue that attracts dirt and sometimes ends up dulling the tile. For extra-tough stains, a bit of bleach can be diluted in water (3 parts water, 1 part bleach) and applied.

Note: Never use bleach on colored grout. It will permanently fade the colors. Use bleach on white grout only. It is also a good idea to test an inconspicuous spot before jumping into all of your tile and grout cleaning.

Seal the Grout

After thoroughly scrubbing your tile floor, allow it time to dry before applying a sealer. There are two types of sealer: membrane and penetrating. Which one you use dictates how it’s applied and how often it must be reapplied. Penetrating sealers should be reapplied every 2-3 years and are actually absorbed into the grout. Membrane sealers need to be reapplied every 1-2 years, and they create a barrier to protect the tile and grout. Methods of application vary on a number of different factors, such as whether you’re sealing your tile as well and whether or not it’s glazed. There are many other things that come into play when deciding how to tackle tile and grout cleaning, which is why it may be a good idea to hire professional help. In Tampa, Accent American is here to lend a hand!

Do-It-Yourself Isn’t Always the Best Option

Put away that bottle of cleanser and your old toothbrush. Our tile and grout cleaning experts will get your floor more thoroughly cleaned and with way less hassle on your part. Retail cleaners only hit the surface. A stronger cleansing method is required if you want long-lasting results. Instead of wasting time on ineffective cleaners, call Accent American in Tampa at 813-621-6015 for a finish that will last for years.

"Accent American is smart, fast and responsive, and they helped make my home look perfect again!"

- Patrick H. - Tampa, FL