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Evidence of Water Damage

Evidence of Water Damage evidence of water damage flood damagein office, standing water on the floor

Evidence of Water Damage When something fails, such as a high-pressure fresh water source to your toilet… or perhaps a leaky drain pipe underneath the kitchen sink… no matter what it may be, you usually know what to do. You know the drill… clean it up, get it dry, and call a professional water damage […]

How Water Damage Affects Your Home

How Water Damage Affects Your Home water damage affects ceilings making it collapse

3 Ways Water Damage Affects Your Home video Video Water damage can affect your home in many ways.  Soaking building materials, cabinets and flooring is just one.  Water can also affect your clothing, paperwork and electronics.  Taking care of water damage quickly is always your best bet. Water Damage Affects Water can cause lots of […]

Designated flood zone

Do you know your designated flood zone? Are you not in a designated flood zone? Designated Flood Zones Here’s a short video about flooding Do you feel safe even though you aren’t in a designated flood zone?   You shouldn’t. Floods can happen anywhere.  Flood zones are just the areas where they happen more frequently. Be […]

Three Steps for Drying Out Water Damage In Your Home

Three Steps for Drying Out Water Damage In Your Home drying out water damage in an office

There are many causes of water damage to homes and buildings, ranging from heavy rains, leaky roofs, broken pipes, failure hot water heaters, sewage back-ups and more. The cause of the damage must be considered when drying out water damage to your home or building. If it is “fresh” water, such as a broken pipe […]