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Be A Dust Handler – Cleaning Tips

Be A Dust Handler – Cleaning Tips man closes a book and dust flies out dust handler

Be a Dust Handler Dust. It’s everywhere. Want proof? Reach over to a cabinet top, a window sill… just about any surface. Rub your finger on them and see what you get. You need a dust handler. While dust occurs naturally in homes and buildings, there are some practical steps you can take to minimize […]

Water Damaged Device

Water Damaged Device water damaged device

Water Damaged Device… It’s a terrible sinking feeling (pun intended) you get when you drop your iPhone, iPad or Android — or other expensive hand-held electronic device — into water, such as a sink, bathtub or (gross) toilet. When that happens, you respond quickly. You dip your hand into the offending reservoir, grab the device […]

Storm Season Preparation Part 1

Storm Season Preparation Part 1 storm season preparation

Storm Season Preparation – Part 1 When the weather turns bad, it’s time to prepare against the weather. Prepping your home for a storm that is either predicted or a storm that can occur at any time is the best defense against wind, water and related storm damages. Without proper storm season preparation of your […]

Tossing in the Towel

It happens all the time in a typical household. You grab a paper towel — or two, or three — to wipe up a mess when something is spilled. That’s what paper towels are for, right? But something else you might have experienced using paper towels is for polishing your nice granite countertop, rubbing and […]