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Understanding Upholstery Cleaning Codes

Understanding Upholstery Cleaning Codes Upholstery Cleaning codes

Stains and spills happen unexpectedly, but you can combat permanent marks by understanding upholstery cleaning codes. Did your Aunt Ethel spill red wine on your ivory sofa chair ? Maybe your grandchild decided that the couch cushion needed to be colored with crayons. Or you may have discovered your dog’s paws were slick with mud […]

Furniture Cleaning: 3 Things to Consider

Furniture Cleaning: 3 Things to Consider Upholstery Cleaning Brandon

Basically, the causes that warrant furniture upholstery cleaning are endless. Maybe the family dog decided to mark your microfiber couch when a cousin’s pug was over for a visit. Perhaps a patient’s child decided to color the chair instead of a coloring book in the waiting room of your office. Or quite possibly, you had […]