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Wonderful Wood Floors

Wonderful Wood Floors beautiful shiny wood floor

Cleaning and maintaining hard surfaces like wood floors is a task that can really enhance the appearance and value of your home. While most hard floors respond well to routine cleaning and maintenance, there are still challenges inherent with natural wood flooring materials that require your special attention. The first challenge is a gritty one. […]

Basics for Cleaning Your Floors

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Basics for cleaning your floors. Floors. You can’t avoid walking on them. You can’t avoid looking at them, either. The condition of your floors really affects the appearance of your entire home. When you have visitors, they notice…whether your floors are clean and tidy and in good condition, and if they are soiled and dirty […]

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring – Fighting Moisture

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring – Fighting Moisture LVT waterproof flooring

We are often asked what kind of flooring our customers should select. When it comes to floors, there are so many options of type, species, materials and construction that the choices can often feel daunting. Our answer for selecting flooring often depends on the application that the flooring will endure and not surprisingly, the history […]