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Prepare for Summer flooding

Prepare for Summer Flooding Every summer, we might forget about the previous summer rains and subsequent flooding that might have occurred in the area. But when unrelenting rain starts to fall, one thing you don’t want to experience is regret in not being prepared, whether it is from leaks related to your roofing, windows, or […]

Designated flood zone

Do you know your designated flood zone? Are you not in a designated flood zone? Designated Flood Zones Here’s a short video about flooding Do you feel safe even though you aren’t in a designated flood zone?   You shouldn’t. Floods can happen anywhere.  Flood zones are just the areas where they happen more frequently. Be […]

Flood Damage Advice…….Your Very Own Flood

Flood Damage Advice…….Your Very Own Flood flood water in street flood zone flood damage

Your Very Own Flood – Flood damage advice Invasions happen. And as statistics show, it happens often. No, we aren’t talking about invasions of the criminal kind. What we are talking about is an invasion of… water. Flood damage. Your own personal flood. Flood damage.  In your house. REMEMBER – a “flood” is rising water […]

Flood Zones

Flood Zones flood water in street flood zone flood damage

Flood Zones – Safe or Not Safe? Have you ever walked or drove down a road and came across a sign that declared, “ Flood Zones !” If it was near your home, you might have panicked. But if it was somewhere far from your home, you felt safe. A floodplain, or flood zone,  can […]