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Homeowner Beware: Major Causes of House Fires

Homeowner Beware: Major Causes of House Fires stove burned up due to house fires

Any type of disaster in your home is devastating. Whether a flooded house, strong wind that tears off part of your roof, a broken pipe spewing water all over the place, the resulting damage and cost of repair and remediation can be very costly. Besides total destruction of your home, such as from a hurricane […]

The Dangers of Soot

Soot doesn’t seem that dangerous. It’s just the byproduct of a fire… maybe from a chimney, a furnace puff-back, even an over-zealous gas grill. When the fire is out, you should be able to clean up the soot residue easily, right? Not so fast! Soot has some characteristics that everyone should consider before attempting to […]

Fire Prevention Safety Tips

While a water damage occurring in your home from a rain or windstorm, a broken pipe or perhaps an overflowing sink or toilet is a terrible event to experience, virtually nothing is as devastating as a fire. And while statistics indicate a downward trend in house fires, mainly because of better, modern safety protocols, it […]