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How to Keep Dust Out!

How to Keep Dust Out! Carpet Cleaning Brandon

It’s one of the most frustrating things… moving an item on a bookshelf only to see a clear outline of dust where something was sitting. Or how about moving a piece of furniture and discovering a herd of “bunnies” has taken up residence. Dust happens to everyone, even those who attempt to keep their homes […]

The Art (and Science) of Carpet Restoration

The Art (and Science) of Carpet Restoration oriental rug cleaning,clean rugs,professional rug cleaning,wool rug cleaning,professional wool rug cleaner,oriental rug cleaner,professional rug cleaner

If you have beautiful flooring that you spent your hard-earned money on, you want it to be pristine and spotless. If it has faded, or become discolored, it can leave the entire room looking drab and flat. Thanks to carpet restoration, you can give new life to your rugs and your whole house. Carpet Restoration: […]