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Allergens woman after sneezing due to allergens carpets better for allergies

Sensitive to Mold and Other Allergens? DID YOU KNOW that even the healthiest of individuals can still feel negative effects in the presence of some common things around the house? It’s not something that necessarily has to start growing in the basement of your house after a flood. It’s something that can “just happen” and […]

Breathe Easy with Better Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Easy with Better Indoor Air Quality woman breathing with eyes closed indoor air quality

As you start reading this, do a quick exercise. Breathe in, really deep… go ahead, fill your lungs. Feels good, right? Taking a deep breath of air, especially outdoors after a thunderstorm or when the air is crisp and clean, smells and feels good. It’s refreshing. But taking a deep breath of air inside can […]