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Storm Season Preparation Part 2

Storm Season Preparation Part 2

How to Prep Your House for Bad Weather – Part 2

Previously, we provided some practical tips on inspecting windows, roofs and gutters — and making sure they were all in good shape. Why? Because summer and bad weather is coming!

Being prepared for storm season – windy, rainy weather is important. Preparation means you will — hopefully — avoid water, mold, wind, fire and smoke damage to your home.

Don’t neglect to disconnect

Those beautiful spring, winter and fall days mean you are gardening, watering and taking care of the outside. But summer is a different story, especially in Florida. Before the grip of storm season sets in, take a few minutes to walk around outside the home and look for any loose items or debris that could be caught up in high winds and cause damage.

Inspect the HVAC

It doesn’t cost that much to have a professional heating, ventilation and air conditioning company inspect your heating and cooling system. Be sure to have a company inspect and clean any chimneys you use. A puff-back of smoke is expensive to clean up, and the unthinkable event of a fire can be avoided with preventative maintenance.

Keep them charged

Your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are your silent sentinels, diligently protecting your family. Test your detectors monthly and change the batteries, even if they still seem to be working fine, every six months. Perhaps do this when you change the clocks for daylight savings time in the spring and fall.

Being prepared is smart. But if something does happen to your home, be sure to reach out to your disaster restoration pro at Accent American!

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