Tampa’s most trusted loss mitigation and home restoration specialist.

Accent American Cleaning and Disaster Restoration has been Tampa Bay’s restoration and cleaning service leader for almost 40 years. Our professional staff hold the highest certifications related to our industry, and are recognized by many organizations and major insurance companies industry experts.

We provide water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, including nicotine odor from cigarette smoking and related services and we are your trusted loss mitigation expert.

Accent American uses only state of the industry equipment and as Tampa Bay’s most knowledgeable restoration and cleaning company, our customers receive the very best service and outcomes available.

We utilize Applied Structural Drying technology, which allows us to dry most household materials in place. Many restoration contractors immediately remove carpet and padding, and take out sections of drywall before they install drying equipment. With ASD, the carpet and padding are saved, as well as the drywall and other structural items. This technology has been used in the industry for over 20 years, and is proven to work, and we guarantee that the structure and contents will be dried to the point where no mold can form.

In order to determine where the moisture has migrated in the walls, we use thermal imaging technology rather than just guess work or a simple moisture meter. This allows us to determine exactly where the water has intruded so that we can direct drying equipment to the affected areas.

We can dry the interior of wall cavities, behind cabinets, and even most wood flooring using InjectiDry technology, which forces hot, dry air into the cavities. This method is much more effective and less destructive than traditional methods.

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Damage Restoration Services

BioHazard Clean Up

Dealing with a bio-hazardous situation is not for the do it yourself type. There are many types of bio-hazards that our staff are professionally trained to clean, including crime scenes, methamphetamine labs, sewage back ups and animal and rodent infestations.

Fire Damage Restoration

A house fire can be a devastating experience for the homeowner.  Even small fires can cause a lot of damage due to the amount of smoke!  Efforts to put out the fire cause more issues such as water damage.

Water Damage Repair

Having water damage in your home can be a traumatic experience. And having the water damage restoration can be even more traumatic. Because taking care of the water damage yourself can lead to further damage from mold growth or termite infestation.  Call in the professionals.

Mold Remediation

The highly trained professional team at Accent American have almost 40 years of experience. They know how to address mold damage repair needs and mold remediation in Tampa Bay.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a technological process that uses infrared technology to locate hidden moisture in building materials. It does take proper training to learn how to decipher the readings on a thermal scale. There are many factors that can affect the actual reading, so it’s best to hire a professional.