The need for water damage restoration company New Tampa will cause major disruptions in your daily routine. Whatever the circumstances, you weren’t planning on this cost or the steps involved in the restoration process. Without assistance from the best professionals available, you run the risk of making things worse. This is nothing like cleaning up a spill. To best protect yourself, your family, and your residence, consult Accent American to benefit from the knowledge of our trained experts and the latest technologies.

Make Water Damage Restoration a Priority

When the need for water damage restoration arises in Tampa, you shouldn’t waste any time because waiting will only allow conditions to become worse. Some common causes leading to such destruction include:

  • Pipes that burst
  • Piping that leaks
  • A malfunctioning HVAC unit
  • Failed Appliances, like dishwashers or washing machines
  • Moisture accumulation, usually in small areas like crawl spaces
  • Flooding due to the elements

Typically, these events occur with little to no warning, so timing is crucial when it comes to preserving the quality of your home and keeping your family safe in New Tampa

Address the Issue Immediately

We cannot stress it enough: don’t waste any time if you are in need of water damage restoration. Moisture invites mold to grow, and its spores will be released into the air of your home. Once released, they create new growth wherever there are moisture or nutrients, like fruit left in a bowl on your kitchen counter. It is no secret that mold will infiltrate your New Tampa residence, and it puts your health and that of your family at risk. Delaying professional clean up will only make it harder to remove the mold colonies that have multiplied.

Use Top-of-the-Line Technology

The traditional course of action in water damage restoration used to involve ripping the carpet out of homes in Tampa. From there, other materials affected by the moisture would be removed. This could range from drywall all the way to your kitchen cabinets. Imagine how wrecked and ruined your residence could appear. Then consider that restoration and replacement can take weeks or months to complete, which means you’re living in disorder for even longer.

Thankfully, research and technology have turned water damage restoration into an exact science. At Accent American, we use the necessary tools to dry the affected area completely without having to remove structural materials, saving you time and the possibility of further destruction. We use Thermal Imaging Inspection technology to locate the excess moisture within your house, whether it’s underneath your vinyl flooring or hidden inside in the wall cavities. Since it can be applied to 90% of incidents involving fresh water, it is a popular approach. If moderate flooding occurs after trying to replace a shower faucet, the evidence may seem obvious. But beware: H2O can go undetected if you don’t use Thermal Imaging Inspection tools. By using this approach, we remove any guesswork and direct our attention to the affected areas. This means your home in New Tampa will be dried quickly and thoroughly.

The Accent American Difference

You might be wondering, “If Thermal Imaging is such an effective system, why aren’t more experts using it?” In short, the certification process is time-intensive and costly; the equipment is also expensive. General contractors who advertise as water damage restoration companies aren’t always willing to invest in proper training and new technologies because it means less money upfront. Unfortunately for unsuspecting customers, this means lower quality services. Thermal Imaging

Schedule a Water Damage Restoration Consultation Today

With Accent American, you can count on certified professionals who use the leading technologies to dry your home in New Tampa . We want to help you return to your routine as quickly as possible and put this water damage restoration experience behind you for good. If addressed immediately, our targeted approach will eliminate the possibility of microbial growth and further destruction. Whether you discover a leak in your roof or experience some flooding as a result of a malfunctioning washing machine, waste no time. Contact Accent American to address the issue and take care of it once and for all.