When it comes to tile and grout cleaning, prevention, maintenance, and repair are what our family-owned business in Tampa exemplifies. At Accent American, we promise to protect, manage, or fix your home and businesses through professional, certified, safe, and efficient cleaning and disaster restoration work. We provide high-quality services to ensure lifelong customer satisfaction. We are IICRC Certified in all types of floor cleaning. Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

Why Clean Your Tile and Grout in the First Place?

Grout lines are extremely porous, and they easily absorb dirt, mildew, grease and other contaminants. Tiles smear, smudge, and stain as they absorb oils and grime in showers, kitchens, and across floors that are continuously walked on. This can not only appear unappealing to the eyes of individuals or guests, but it is also hazardous and unsanitary. Why wait? We offer affordable tile and grout cleaning in Tampa, and we are ready to assist you today.

What Services Do We Offer at Accent American?

Our company is dedicated to providing a number of services in Tampa. In addition to tile and grout cleaning, we also offer:

So look no further for full residential or commercial assistance. Our company is here to bring peace of mind to you and your family or business.

What is the Best Way to Clean Tile and Grout?

While performing your own tile and grout cleaning does resolve part of the issue, it is important to consider a professional in Tampa if you really want to make your home safer and cleaner. Our team gets deep between tiles and into grout while using environmentally safe, green products. How do we perform these tasks?

  1. First, we will conduct an examination on your tile and grout. This allows us to how deeply we need to clean.
  2. Next, we heat purified water. This water reaches over 230 degrees to make sure harmful bacteria are eliminated and to ensure a deep clean.
  3. We use eco-friendly cleansers and apply them through high-pressure equipment.
  4. You can then choose to have a seal placed on your grout. This will have longer-lasting effects that will protect your flooring from future grease, sludge, or mildew buildup.

Our Tampa crew aims to make your space look brand new through non-toxic, healthy, and effective methods of tile and grout cleaning. Hiring a professional from Accent American will allow you to avoid:

  • Harsh chemicals, which can be unsafe for you, your pets, and your family.
  • Too much water, which can seep into floors and cause mold or mildew growth.
  • Machines and tools that may scrape the floor, causing permanent damage.
  • Power pressure washers not matched to your needs, which may cause cracks to form.

What Can Happen Without Tile and Grout Cleaning?

If mold and mildew seep in, it can lead to ugly staining, leaving you with an unsightly floor. Water can leak in through damage that goes unchecked, leading to moisture and water retention. The long-term effects of mold can be harmful to your health. Mold creates a bad smell and unhealthy microbes, which are released into the air you breathe. The consequences of unrepaired leaks can destroy the entire structure of your home. If stains get too far within the grout, cleaning can become tedious, stressful, and frustrating. Buildup can also cause sealing problems in the future.

Do not neglect your tile and grout any longer. Let us provide you with a clean, immaculate, safe, and visually stunning space that allows you and your guests the comfort you all deserve. Call Accent American at (813) 621–6015  We cannot wait to make your home or business look spectacular through tile and grout cleaning services, and more.