Professional Carpet Cleaner

The professional carpet cleaning services of Accent American will have your   home looking its best. Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, will remove the obvious dirt and spots from your carpeting as well as the hidden debris that are trapped in the fibers.

The Accent American cleaning process begins with a pre-vacuum, where we use our high-powered truck-mounted vacuum system to remove even more of the loose soil and debris. This step includes deodorizer to help with any smells from contaminants. The treatment continues with a heated solution, which is followed by extraction with clean, hot water. Manufacturers, due to warranty changes, now require all hot water extractions to be performed by an IICRC certified technician. Other washing methods, including do-it-yourself and spot treatments, will automatically void the warranty. Professional carpet cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year in your home with our IICRC certified technicians will keep your carpeting looking new.

Let Us Do the Deep Cleaning

At Accent American, we specialize in our rinsing process, which thoroughly washes out contaminants without leaving behind any residue. Contaminants such as pet stains tend to settle and crystallize, making them difficult to remove. By rinsing, we reactivate the stains with water, which allows us to extract and cleanse with ease. Rinsing is more effective than traditional methods because it thoroughly washes out any cleanser used in addition to the regular dirt and grime.

Even if you do your best to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance, your rugs can be home to a wide variety of pollutants and health hazards such as:

  • Sand and dirt
  • Bio-contaminants
  • Epidermal waste (dead skin cells)
  • Leftover food particles
  • Oil and grease deposits
  • Allergens, such as dust mites
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Combustion products

A professional carpet cleaner can not only eliminate whatever may be embedded in your carpeting but can also improve the overall appearance of your home. Rugs and mats collect all the dirt, dust, and soil that enter your home and hold it in. Carpeting is designed to hide soiling, and a piece of carpeting about the size of a playing card can hold one pound of dirt.  This maintenance is beneficial to your health and all those who live under your roof.

Carpet is proven to be the better choice for allergy and asthma sufferers, as long as it is maintained with professional carpet cleaning. If your  floor’s surface is heavily soiled or it has been quite some time since it was properly cleaned, it’s time to call in the experts.

The Accent American Difference

Different pricing levels and methods are available and can be catered to your budgetary needs. For traditional wand cleaning, we offer per-room pricing so we can easily give you an estimate over the phone, for your convenience. For more extensive services such as as pet stain removal, heavily soiled carpets, furniture moving, or for a deeper clean using rotary extraction for carpets that haven’t been cleaned for a long time, call us, and we will set up an appointment to come to your home and measure the areas that need to be cleaned. We’ll provide you with a detailed estimate. We also assist  residents with upholstery cleaning , dryer vent maintenance, 24-hour fire and water damage restoration, tile and grout maintenance, fine antique and oriental professional carpet cleaning, duct system maintenance, pet odor, urine and spot removal, water damage and mold remediation.

Professional Carpet Cleaner and More

At Accent American, we want our customers to stick around with us. We work extra hard to ensure every visit is a successful one. In fact, it is our mission to exceed your expectations every time we come to your home. As our motto says, “We Clean for the Health of It.”

We also have a wide variety of awards to back up our outstanding professional carpet cleaning services, such as:

  • IICRC Certified Master Restorer
  • IICRC Certified Master Cleaner
  • ICRA Certified Performance Assessor
  • ICRA
  • Expert Witness and Senior Inspector
  • Advisor to major mills such as Dupont, Shaw, Fabrica International and Beaulieu.
  • Consultant to businesses in the trade such as Rug Doctor Corp., Sears Carpet Cleaning and Fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot.

We Would Love To Hear From You

Accent American has been family owned and operated since 1985. We proudly serve clients in the  area. When selecting a professional carpet cleaner , we know that credentials and reputation are a must. For more information on any of the services that we provide, give us a call.  Or to schedule a consultation at your home give us a call today at (813) 621-6015.