Carpet Protection is Protecting Your Investment

Most new carpets come from the manufacturer with carpet protection, such as Scotchgard™ already applied. Normal wear and tear on the carpet can cause these products to lose their effectiveness over time.

Carpet protectants were designed to help keep the carpet clean. They do this by making spots and spills pool on the carpet surface for a short time rather than soaking in. Carpet protection will not stop your carpet from getting dirty from normal everyday soils, but will help you keep it looking cleaner longer by allowing you to blot up spills.

Carpet protectant can be re-applied by a certified technician after a hot water extraction cleaning, and can help extend the life and beauty of your carpet.

How do you know if your carpet protectant needs to be re-applied? A very simple test can tell you if your protectant is still effective. Use a tablespoon of water and spill it on the carpet, if it pools on the surface for several seconds before soaking in, your protectant is still working. If it soaks in immediately, you may want to have it re-applied.

Many cleaning companies offer protectant application after carpet cleaning, what makes us different? Most companies charge by the square foot for protectant application.  They are putting it under your bed, your dresser or your sofa. It’s not needed because there’s no foot traffic and it hasn’t worn off yet. At Accent American we charge for protectant by the gallon. You can tell us where you want it applied and you can have the areas that really need it covered.