Quality Carpet Cleaning in Tampa Bay

Carpeting can be one of the biggest investments you make in your home, so you should take good care of it. At Accent American, we provide quality carpet cleaning using hot water extraction with a truck mounted cleaning unit to thoroughly clean your carpets.

There are a lot of companies out there claiming that their method is the best for carpet cleaning. How do you choose between dry cleaning, shampooing, do it yourself carpet cleaning, oxy or carbonated cleaning, or hot water extraction?

So what’s the best way to clean the carpet in your home? Opinions vary, even among industry professionals, though we maintain that nothing is really clean unless it is rinsed. You rinse your hair, you rinse your dishes and your clothes, so you should rinse your carpets too.

Our quality carpet cleaning method involves pre-treating the carpet with a heated solution followed by extraction with clean, hot water. Hot water extraction using a truck mounted system, performed by an IICRC certified technician is now required by the carpet manufacturers in their warranty. Using any other type of cleaning method will void your carpet warranty. This includes uisng over the counter spot cleaners. Proper, professional cleaning, a minimum of once per year,  will keep your carpets looking newer longer. And also extend the life of the carpet.

What We Offer

We have different pricing and methods available based on your needs.

We include light furniture moving in our basic pricing, which would include tables, chairs, some sofas and smaller furniture items.

Want to have all of your furniture moved? Ask us to set up an appointment to come to your home. We will measure the areas that you need cleaned and give you an estimate.

Is your carpet heavily soiled? Has it been a long time since it was cleaned? Have you had it cleaned with an interim method in the past? You may need restoration cleaning, which uses a rotary extraction head to flush the soil and cleaning residues from the carpet.

And what about stain protector? Our technicians will test your carpet for stain protection. Re-appling stain protector if it is needed for an additional charge.