The best carpet cleaning company in Tampa can make your  home look its best while turning it into a safe and healthy nest for you and your family. At Accent American, we use hot water extraction —or steam cleaning— for optimal stain removal and deep washing and rinsing. The results? A floor that is free from many of the harmful things that get trapped inside of your carpet.

Best Carpet Cleaning Company for Health

Our company’s motto is “We Clean for the Health of It.” We emphasize the health of hygienic floors due to the health risks associated with neglected carpeting inside of homes.

Your carpet consists of either natural or man made fibers. That material is plush and comfortable to walk on, but it serves as a major collector of dust, chemicals, allergens, and pollutants. Even insects and mites can begin to breed in it when it is not maintained properly. When families own pets or choose to wear shoes inside of their homes, debris is carried in from outdoors. Cooking, eating, and simple chemicals like aerosols can also add potentially dangerous substances to the floor where carpet fibers cling to them for years.

The padding lined just below the carpet is made out of spongy material, which sucks up liquid spills. Moisture trapped inside of the lining does not always dry properly. Anytime moisture sits for an extended period, the area around it is at risk for mold growth. In short, the fibers collect everything. Professional carpet cleaning leaves your floors safe and free of:

  • Bacteria and allergens
  • Smells and odors
  • Bio-contaminants
  • Dead skin cells and dust mites
  • Foods particles and liquid spills
  • Oils and grease composites
  • Organic compounds
  • Combustion products
  • Dirt, sand, and debris

What We Do

We have created a surefire process that allows our staff to guarantee that every job is done thoroughly. With the help of our high-powered equipment and professional carpet cleaning expertise, we are positive that your floor can be fresher and healthier than ever once our crew works their magic.

Our Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-vacuum— our high-powered, truck-mounted vacuum system extracts the dust, soil, and debris from your floor simultaneously deodorizing and neutralizing any odors from contaminants.
  2. Heated solution— we use our professional, high-powered equipment to for your flooring by using our hot water extraction, or steam cleaning/spray method. Heated water and chemical compounds are sprayed while simultaneously being vacuumed up along with the loosened debris.
  3. Hot water extraction— we complete our professional carpet cleaning process with fresh, hot water extraction, which frees your floor of chemical remnants and smells.

We Are IICRC Certified

Manufacturers require all hot water extractions to be conducted by IICRC certified technicians. When homeowners  chose to do the work themselves, the manufacturer’s warranty is voided. Professional carpet cleaning is a smart and safe option for your home.

Accent American is IICRC certified and has been operating since 1985. We know and understand how to use professional products and how to operate our equipment to ensure safety and quality. We work hard to keep at the top of our industry, and our success proves it. Our business has been acknowledged with many industry awards and certifications such as:

  • Expert Witness and Senior Inspector
  • IICRC Certified Master Restorer
  • IICRC Certified Master Cleaner
  • ICRA Certified Performance Assessor

And more.  Our certifications

Professional Carpet Cleaning with Accent American

Professional carpet cleaning does not need to be frequently done to achieve desired results. Doing a thorough washing once per year is sufficient for most of our  clients. Once your floor goes through our process, regular maintenance can keep your floor looking fresh all year round. If it is time for deep cleaning, give Accent American a call at 813-621-6015 today!