We Are Your Area Rug Cleaning Specialist

You have beautiful area rugs.  Some area rugs can be very expensive. You need to properly maintain your area rugs.  Professional area rug cleaning on an annual basis is a must. A certified cleaning specialist must do your area rug cleaning.  Otherwise, you risk damage to your expensive rugs. Don’t risk it, call the experts.  We have Master Rug Cleaner Certifications, and have been offering area rug cleaning for nearly 40 years.

How Rugs Are Made

Area rugs are made in many different countries.  These area rugs are made using many varied and delicate materials, and are subject to damage in the hands of an untrained or inexperienced professional. These rugs can contain many different fibers including wool, silk, cotton and linen, and as they can be made in many different parts of the world, the dyes used to create the beautiful patterns can come from natural sources, such as plants that may or may not bleed when wet. Oriental rugs can last for many years, even decades, and we can also take great care of your antique rugs. Reds have a high bleed tendency, as do some blues. Different fibers require different cleaning processes. You need to know how to properly perform area rug cleaning.

Rugs also have different methods of manufacture. Made on a machine or hand knotted. Improper area rug cleaning can effect weave patterns. Types of Oriental Rugs 

You need professional area rug cleaning.

What We Do

When we pick the rugs up for cleaning  we first inspect them and let the customer know of any pre-existing conditions or concerns. Rips, missing fibers, loose fringes are all issues.
The first step of this process is to remove the majority of the soil and the dust from the front and the back of the rug.  Using a high pressure air system, or a “beater” machine, we can accomplish this, depending on the size, thickness and soil level of the rug. Removing these soils first allows us to give the rug a much deeper cleaning.  Sand and soil is damaging to the rug fibers.

Next the actual cleaning process starts. Using specialized detergents based on the fiber type. This prevents any color bleeding or discoloration. Detergent is based on the type of rug and fibers.

Agitation of the rug in a circulating bath until the water is clear. This prevents dye migration also. The dyes float to the surface rather than migrating into the adjoining fibers.

We rinse the rug.  The rug goes in a special drying room. We do not lay the rugs in the sun as it may cause color fading. Drying the rugs with heavy duty industrial fans. Inspection of the rug again after it’s dry. Then we perform extra cleaning and combing of fringes if necessary. The rugs are ready to be returned.

Pet Urine Removal

We remove pet urine from rugs utilizing the circulating pool. Your rugs are flushed repeatedly with clean water until no more urine or other contaminants are left. The cleaning process is completed. The pet urine is removed. With a guarantee to return them to you with no more odor. We cannot guarantee that the pet urine won’t damage the color of the rug, nor can we guarantee that the pet won’t soil the rug in the future.

Pet Urine Cleaning 

Take proper care of your area rug.  If it’s wool, it will last for decades. Proper area rug cleaning is a key element for preserving the life and beauty of your area rugs.