Duct system cleaning is an important factor in your overall indoor air quality.  Duct systems can contain dust, dander and pet fur among other things.  A clean duct system helps ensure your indoor air is clean.  It also helps your system function more efficiently, since the air can flow more freely through the system. Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

There are different methods to clean duct system.  Some companies use a wire whip system, which is designed for commercial ducting.  For residential duct cleaning, the system you need to ask for is a soft brush system.  Wire whips can damage residential duct work.  The soft brush system uses a soft brush, with long bristles.  The brush is attached to a vacuum home, which is attached to our powerful truck mount cleaning unit.

What We Do

We remove your vent covers, clean them and replace them along with the cleaning of the ducts.  You will be responsible for moving of any items under your vents, so that we can easily access them.  We go through each vent with the brush system.  The brush lossens the debris, and it is vacuumed immediately into our truck.

Duct Cleaning Scams

Don’t get taken.  There are a lot of rip-offs in this world, and duct system treatments are one of them. As for mold in your duct system, it is HIGHLY unlikely that you have mold in your duct system that is problematic, unless you had a water leak into the ducts.  Is there some mold in there?  Yes.  There’s mold in the air you are breathing right now unless you are sitting in a sterile room.  Mold is everywhere.  It becomes problematic when it is in high concentrations.

Be wary of companies who want to spray ANY type of product into your duct system.  Some of the products these comanie sare using contain essential oils, which, while they smell great, can adhere to the dust in your duct system, making it sticky.  This will cause an even bigger problem later, as new dust will stick to the mess and accumulate, and it is very difficult to remove.

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