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Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpet -Repair and Color Restoration

Color fading and trying to fix bleach spot on carpet and rugs can be frustrating. Traditionally, if you had a bleach spot on carpets,  you had to either put up with it, put a rug or piece of furniture over it, or patch it. And even with a patch, many times the area still showed because the patch didn’t have as much wear as the area that had the bleach spot because it was a scrap piece of carpet or had been taken out of a closet and never walked on.

And those expensive Oriental and wool rugs, like the one your Grandmother gave you that the color faded. The pretty reds and blues are nearly gone, and it looks old and washed out.

In the past, carpet dyeing didn’t work very well. The color didn’t always match, and if it was a bleach spot on carpets, many times the carpet dye wouldn’t even take.

Now there is a way to fix that. New technology in color restoration makes it possible. We can fix a bleach spot on carpet, or even change the color completely. Grandma’s Oriental rug can now have the color restored and be beautiful again. Even the intricate patterns, lines and other elements.

So don’t keep Grandma’s rug rolled up in the closet because it’s faded. Bring it back to life.

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Photos courtesy of Colorful Carpets – thanks Chris Howell!

Professional Carpet Restoration

The process we use features heated dye solutions, which penetrate better, and we use advanced color matching technology to get the right color for your carpet or rug.

Here is a test sample we did recently. The top photo shows 2 bleach spots, the second photo shows the bleach spot on the left has been fully color restored. It certainly looks much better!

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[image title=”Color Repair on Bleach Spot | Before | (813) 621-6015″ alt=”Color Repair on Bleach Spot | Before”]https://accentamerican.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/new-bleach-spot-on-carpet-Tampa-Florida.jpeg[/image]
[image title=”Color Repair and Restoration | After | (813) 621-6015″ alt=”Color Restoration on wool Rug | After”]https://accentamerican.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/after-bleach-spot-on-carpet-Tampa-Florida.jpeg[/image]

So if you need bleach spot repair Tampa, call the experts at Accent American today!