Pet Urine Cleaning

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We love our pets

We love our pets.  But we don’t love the messes they sometimes leave behind.

At Accent American Inc, we know how frustrating it can be when your beloved pet has an accident on your carpets or furniture.  We are pet owners ourselves, and have had it happen.

We have professional training and certification as Triple Master through the IICRC (Insititue of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and processes to remove pet stains and odors from your carpet and furniture, and we have advice for you on how you might be able to do it yourself in some cases.

Our process includes sub-surface decontamination of the affected area.  What this means is that we use a heated enzyme solution to treat the affected area.  This treatment goes into the padding also, just like the urine did.  We allow the enzymes to dwell for a specific period of time, then we use specialized equipment to extract the carpet and pad.  This process removes the urine from the carpet, the pad and the sub-floor.  Precautions must be taken on areas upstairs due to the sub floor being made of wood.  We control the process so as not to damage the sub floor.

If you have one or two small spots, you may be able to treat them yourself.  First, get a couple of white towels.  You need white so there is no possibility of dye transfer. Grab a box of baking soda, and a bottle of white vinegar. Pick up any large pieces of feces or vomit. Blot up any excess moisture on the urine spots with a towel.  Put baking soda over the spot, enough so tha the spot is completely covered in a layer of baking soda.  Let the baking soda sit on the spot for about 24 hours.

The baking soda will probably turn yellow.  This indicates that it has absorbed the urine from the carpet, which is what it is supposed to do.  Now, you need to vacuum up the baking soda.  A regular vacuum will work, a shop vac is even better.  It may not all come up, but that’s ok.

Next, get the vinegar.  You are going to slowly pour the vinegar over the spot, which will cause the baking soda to bubble.   Blot the spot with another white towel, then pour a little more vinegar.  Repeat until the bubbling stops, blot up thoroughly one more time, and let dry.

This process will work for most pet stains, like urine, diarrhea and vomit.

For multiple spots, or large areas, you may need the professionals at Accent American to take care of it for you.


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