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Lost Weekend with DIY Carpet Cleaning

DIY carpet cleaning

Lost Weekend with DIY Carpet Cleaning

You work hard all week and look forward to the weekend, a time to relax and enjoy family and friends (but you still have to mow the grass!) And now you are looking at a DIY carpet cleaning project.

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But, sometime during the week, you looked down. You aren’t happy with the condition of the carpet. So you make a decision to rent a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine from your local grocery store. That’s right… you are going to clean your own carpet. Your goal this weekend is to create a nice, fresh and clean carpet and enjoy a healthier home.

Friday evening arrives. Off you go to your grocery store and you find yourself in front of a bunch of DIY carpet cleaning machines and the various cleaning solutions available. There are products to put on the carpet before you clean it. There are products to put in the machine with the water. There are other types of products for all kinds of spots and stains. Still others for pet odors. You aren’t sure which ones you will need, so you grab a selection of them and take them to the front of the store to pay.

At the register, while paying for the daily rental of the DIY carpet cleaning machine, you discover the cost of all those cleaning products is about what you spend on food for the family for an entire week. But you aren’t deterred! You are going to clean your carpet. Nothing will stop you.

You load the stuff in the car, man that machine is heavy!

So you go home with all your cleaning stuff and get started. First you have to clean out the machine because you noticed it had dirty water in it from the last person who used it. You fill the machine according to the directions, and off you go! You finish cleaning the first bedroom, and realize the machine is empty. You have to refill the solution and empty the waste water tank. Then you realize you are gong to have to do that after every room, and twice for the living room!

It takes all your Saturday and, sad to say, part of your Sunday as well. It’s backbreaking work. You had no idea what sweating was really like. Yet… it looks pretty good when you are done. The bad part is it takes a few days to dry and you yell at the kids to not walk on the carpet. Maybe you thought they could float over it?

The house has this funky musty smell from the wet carpet, and it just won’t go away.

Within two weeks, though, the carpet starts to look worse than before it was cleaned. Uh oh… what happened?

You didn’t call your carpet cleaning pro! You know, those who have the training and the very best equipment and cleaning solutions to get the job done right.

Don’t ruin another weekend. Do the smart thing and hire a professional at Accent American to do what he does best: Clean your carpet.

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