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Color Repair

Images used with permission from Colorful Carpets – thanks Chris Howell! Colorful Carpets In the flooring and carpet industry, color restoration is a skill and requires technical expertise as well as an eye for color. If you think that ‘green’ is simply ‘green’, you are in for a surprise! “Green” is not green, but rather it […]

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging and Moisture Detection Thermal imaging is a technological process that uses infrared technology to locate hidden moisture in building materials. We’re not talking about the moisture on your shower floor or in your kitchen sink. We mean the damp that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Water damage can cause all kinds […]

Water Damage Restoration

Tampa Bay Water Damage Restoration Specialists Accent American is your Go To Water Damage Cleanup expert Water damage in your home can be both traumatic and expensive. Traditionally, a water damage restoration company would come into your home and extract the carpet, then rip out the carpet, the drywall, your cabinets and any other structural […]

Stain Removal

At Accent American Inc, we are spot and stain removal experts! We always tell people “If Ken can’t get it clean, throw it out”.  Ken Jordan, one of our owners and our  IICRC Triple Master Certified technician, won the international spot and stain removal contest at our annual trade show so many times, they wouldn’t […]